Web Questionnaire (Online Messages) Pricing

As per our Plans & Pricing page, you have a couple of options to use web questionnaires. Since web questionnaires do not require tablets, the pricing is separate from the tablet subscription licenses, even though the technology is complementary.

The pricing options for Ocean Online are described below.

PS Suite Accuro, OSCAR, or Other EMR

Adding an Ocean Online Subscription for Specific Users

This subscription costs $30 per month per user and allows a named user to send unlimited web questionnaires.

Note: This price does not include any Ocean Studies fees, should you be running a research study.

  • You can enable Ocean Online Messages yourself. Simply login to the Ocean Portal, navigate to the Admin tab and enter the "Users" section from the menu on the left.
  • From there, check off the "Ocean Online Subscription ($30/month/user)" box next to the user name that you wish to enroll in this subscription.

Helpful Hint:

Each Ocean Online subscription allows you to assign one primary delegate user to your Ocean account, who can send out Ocean Online messages and will be covered by your Ocean Online subscription. To learn how to set up a delegate user on your account, please refer to: "Set A Delegate User for Your Ocean Account".

Adding an Ocean Online Subscription for Your Ocean Site

If you have 4 or more FTE (Full Time Equivalent) Ocean users who want to be able to send out Ocean Online messages to patients, you can take advantage of our Ocean Online site-wide pricing plan, which costs $25 per month per user (minimum $100 or 4 users) and will also give you access to batch emailing and Ocean Reminders.

If you are interested a site-wide Ocean Online subscription, please let us know by submitting a request to our support team at ocean.tips/support.

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