How do I prevent patients from misusing the Ocean tablets?

You can install the OceanWave Launcher to replace the default home screen on Android.

The OceanWave Launcher is a feature that we offer that is designed to prevent or discourage patients from misusing tablets (i.e. for purposes other than completing out Ocean eForms). The Launcher replaces the regular Android home screen, essentially "trapping" the patient within the Ocean Tablet app and hiding all the other apps.

To learn about how to install the Launcher, please refer to "Install the OceanWave Launcher on Your Tablet(s)".

Note: Technically, the Launcher doesn't prevent very clever patients from installing apps or surfing the web, it will at least make it more difficult to do so. Nonetheless, the most important advice for managing tablets in your waiting room is always to keep your personal data off them: no Google Play account information, no credit cards, etc.

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