Can I filter my Ocean Site's sent referrals by Referring Clinician?

Yes, you're able to filter and save your own view in the eReferrals & eConsults area of the Ocean Portal to show referrals sent only by a specific Referring Clinician(s).

This is valuable for Ocean Sites that have a large number of clinicians that send referrals, as it offers the ability for users to focus their view to only referrals that are relevant to them, and minimizes the amount of patient health information shown to users within the Ocean Site.

How do I use the filter?

The Referring Clinician filter is available within all 'Sent' status folders. Once the filter is saved, it applies across all 'Sent' folders. This is a user-specific filter, meaning it applies only to your own Ocean user account.

Applying the Filter for the First Time

  • If you've never applied the filter before, you can select the Referring Clinicians that are relevant to you by using the dropdown menu, and then clicking the '(save as default)' button to save it as your default filter.
  • This means that each time you access the eReferrals & eConsults page, your view will always be filtered using this selection. This includes if you switch computers, browsers, or your browser cache is cleared.

Note: Users with the User Role of 'MOA/Secretary' or 'Executive Director' are not included in the 'Referring Clinician' dropdown menu.

View with the Filter Applied

  • Once you have applied the filter, all your 'Sent' status folders are filtered to only show referrals sent by your chosen Referring Clinician(s).
  • This is indicated by the term '(displaying default)' beside the filter, and is reflected within the 'Clinician' column.

Modifying the Filter

  • To modify your filtered view, simply update your desired Referring Clinicians using the dropdown menu, and then press '(save new default*)'.
  • Your view will now be filtered using your new Referring Clinician selections each time you access the eReferrals & eConsults page.

No matching referrals?

  • If there are no referrals that match the filters you have applied, you can temporarily clear the filters by pressing 'Try the search again with no filter constraints'.
  • This temporarily modifies your filters to show all sent referrals, giving you the opportunity to adjust your filters as needed, and then click '(save new default*)' to save.
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