How do I update the estimated wait time for multiple referrals at once?

If a referral appointment cannot be scheduled right away, you can communicate an estimated wait time to the patient and referring provider by selecting it from the 'Anticipated Time to Appointment' drop down menu in the Scheduling pane of the referral.

Updating in Bulk

To update the 'Anticipated Time to Appointment' field for multiple referrals at the same time, follow the steps below:

Note: When bulk updating wait times, wait time email notifications will not be sent to referrers or patients.

  • In the Ocean Portal, navigate to the eReferrals & eConsults area.
  • Within the 'Actions' menu in the bottom left corner, press 'Update Wait Times'.
  • Enter your desired criteria that will be used to find and update matching unbooked referrals.
  • Press 'Update Wait Times'.

  • A confirmation message will appear indicating how many estimated wait times were updated.
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