How long will my eConsults/eReferrals be stored in Ocean?

Most Ocean eConsults and/or eReferrals are stored for 12 months after they are initiated. However, some are stored for shorter or longer based on their status. These special cases are listed below:

Saved for Later
eConsults/eReferrals that have been 'Saved for Later' will be stored for 30 days.
Pending Booking
If an estimated wait time longer than 12 months has been specified, the referral will be stored for the full duration of the estimated wait time + 60 days.
Booked Unconfirmed & Booked Confirmed
If the appointment is outside of the 12 month period, the eReferral will be stored for 30 days after the patient's booked appointment time.
Booked at a Rapid Access Clinic
If the referral is sent to a Rapid Access Clinic (assessment centre) and booked, the eReferral will be stored for 12 months after the initial assessment date.
Forwarded (New)
If the consult and/or referral is forwarded to another listing, the eConsult and/or eReferral will be stored for 12 months after the latest forward date.
Assigned for Review
If review is requested by another user at the site, the eConsult/eReferral will be stored for 12 months after the date the review was requested.

Attachments have the same retention period as the consult or referral they are attached to.


An eReferral/eConsult is retained in Ocean for the longest duration out of the timeframes below:

  • Referral Sent Date + 365 Days
  • 30 days after the last appointment
  • Referral Forward Date + 365 Days (if applicable)
  • Referral Review Request (Needs Review) Date + 365 Days (if applicable)
  • Referral Sent Date + Estimated Wait 1 or Wait 2 + 60 Days

Deletion Warnings

Incomplete, Processed and Completed eConsults/eReferrals don't trigger Deletion Warnings.

An eConsult and/or eReferral with any other status will be moved to the "Deletion Warnings" folder 14 days in advance of being removed from Ocean. A Deletion Warning email notification will also go out to all Ocean Sites with access to the shared record.

  • Storing an eConsult and/or eReferral past scheduled removal

    • If you would like Ocean to continue storing an eConsult and/or eReferral with a Deletion Warning you can click the refresh symbol (circular arrow) at the end of the row to keep storing the consult or referral for an additional 60 days.
  • Checking when an eConsult and/or eReferral will be removed

    • If you would like to see the date that any consult or referral is scheduled to be removed from Ocean, you can click on the "Action" menu and choose "View Event Log". The purge date will be displayed at the bottom of the event log.

Note: Your site may receive a "Deletion Warnings" email, only to find that there are no consults or referrals in the "Deletion Warnings" folder. This could be the case if another user or stakeholder proceeded to "Complete" or "Process" the consult or referral, or refresh the consult/referral to extend the purge date. 

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