Creating Canned Responses for eReferral Bookings and Messages

This is an an optional part of setting up eReferrals.

  • On the receiving end of an eReferral, when booking appointments for patients using the Ocean eReferral Network, you have the ability to add canned messages that can be sent to the patient in advance of their appointment and/or canned messages that can be sent to the referrer.
Canned Booking Comments Canned Messages to Referrer
  • Log in to the Ocean Portal.
  • Navigate to the Admin tab and select Canned Responses (from the menu along the left).
  • From the Canned Responses screen, select the "New Canned Response" button under the "Canned Responses for Booking Comments" section
  • Give your response a title and add the text into the text field.
  • Click the "Save" button to save your canned comments.
  • Now, next time you are processing a referral, you can select one of your canned responses using the dialogue bubble in the "Scheduling" section of the referral.
  • Note: Canned booking comments are selected from the speech bubble icon in the "Scheduling" section, NOT the "Notes" or "Messaging" sections. Notes recorded in the "Notes" section in the top right corner of an eReferral are internal notes that indicate the status of the referral request.
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