PS Suite: Moving to the New TELUS API - What You Need to Know

There are a few things to be aware of when moving over to the new TELUS API integration from the original Ocean custom form integration. We recommend reviewing this article before making this change.

New Features

The TELUS API integration will enable features for an improved user experience, including (but not limited to):

Check-in Kiosk Improvements:
  • Scheduled patients are automatically uploaded in Ocean, eliminating the need to manually insert the Ocean custom form.
  • Real-time patient health card sync enables support for walk-in patients with queue for non-scheduled patients.
  • Expired health cards (with real-time validation check with the Ministry of Health database) will not allow check-in.
Ocean Online Message Enhancements:
  • Clinics can now set up automated, customized appointment reminders with forms based on the scheduled reason for visit (requires a sitewide Ocean Online licence).
Ocean Toolbar/Custom Form Changes:
  • The new Ocean Toolbar has enhanced functionality that provides live status updates and direct links to Ocean. As a result, you can now add forms for a patient or send patients a message from the Ocean Toolbar, without loading the Ocean custom form into the chart. This eliminates the risk of orphaned or outdated Ocean custom forms being left in patient charts taking up space.

Preparing to Upgrade

  1. If you are a current Ocean user who would like to get connected to the new TELUS API, please consult Step 1 of the Upgrade Instructions for Existing Clients guide to determine what type of connection request your site needs to complete. If you are unsure of how to proceed, please consult our support team via
  2. Using the TELUS API requires you to replace your existing Ocean Toolbar with the new, improved version. Please be aware that if you have customized your Ocean toolbar, those customizations will be lost.
  3. Your site will need to be configured for 4-digit patient refs. Instructions to make this change can be found in "How do I increase the number of digits for patient refs?".
  4. When moving to the new API, we recommend making the change outside of clinic hours if possible.
  5. Before moving to the new API, we recommend communicating with your clinic staff to let them know that they can expect to see the following minor changes:

Changes to How PS Suite and Ocean Work Together

  • Following the upgrade, they will see a new Ocean Toolbar with enhanced functionality to allow staff to interact with Ocean (eg. add forms or send a patient message) right from the toolbar. Clicking on the Ocean logo will open a pop-up window with the same features and functionality as the traditional Ocean custom form.
  • The Ocean custom form will no longer appear directly within patient charts in the notes view, providing a cleaner, less cluttered user experience.
  • If a patient chart is left open while the patient is completing a form in Ocean, the chart may need to be updated using the "Chart Out Of Date" refresh prompt in the top right corner.

Now that you're ready to get started, go ahead and follow the steps in our updated PS Suite Ocean Set-Up Guide.

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