Import Notes from the Ocean Portal into Your EMR

Once your patient has filled out some forms, you can import the resultant Ocean-generate notes into the corresponding patient's chart in the EMR.

Note: If you are using the TELUS PS SuiteTELUS Med Access, QHR Accuro, or OSCAR, Ocean-generated clinical notes will download automatically into your patients’ charts.

  • Find the patient in the list that you would like to import (you may optionally use the browser’s Find feature to search for the patient’s name).
  • Click on the patient. You should see the note appear, pre-selected (highlighted) for quick copying.
  • Copy the note text to your clipboard (Command-C on a Mac or Ctrl-C on Windows).
  • Open your EMR and prepare to add a new progress note to the patient.
  • Paste the note text (Command-V on a Mac or Ctrl-V on Windows). Save your note (if required). The note should now be accessible and searchable within your EMR.
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