Create an eRequest Link: At A Glance

  1. Create a Directory Listing for Your Clinic
    • To ensure that the necessary security and encryption protocols are in place for patient privacy, all sites hosting an eRequest link must be registered on the Ocean eReferral Network.
  2. Create & Configure Your eRequest Link
    • You can create and configure your eRequest link settings from the eRequests section of the Admin tab in the Ocean Portal.
    • These settings include your eRequest name, type, URL, eForm, etc.
  3. Publish Your eRequest Link
    • Once your eRequest link has been configured, you can use the generated URL to publish it on your clinic website, to be available for your patients to complete online.
    • You have the choice of publishing your eRequest URL either as a link to an external site or embed it into your site as an iFrame.
  4. View & Manage Your eRequest Submissions
    • Once your eRequest link is active, you can start collecting submissions from patients, which you can manage from within the eRequests tab of the Ocean Portal.
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