Create a Study: At A Glance

  1. Create Your Study eForm
    • Before you create your study, you will need to decide which Ocean eForm you want to use to collect your study data from patients.
    • You have the choice of creating a new eForm from scratch or customizing an existing one.
  2. Make Your Study eForm available for Ocean Studies
    • Once you decide on an eForm for your study, you will need to make a small adjustment to its properties to tell it to collect data in an anonymized study format.
  3. Create Your Ocean Study
    • Now you can create your Ocean Study from within the Studies tab of the Ocean Portal.
  4. Configure Your Study Settings
    • There are a few setup options that you can configure to ensure your study is operating as you envisioned it.
    • These options allow you to edit various settings, including participant key generation, creating a URL to make your study publicly available, and inviting other Ocean sites to join your study.
  5. Collect & Review Your Study Data
    • Now you can start collecting data using Ocean Tablets and/or your publicly-available study eForm URL.
    • Once you've used your Ocean eForm to collect data for your Ocean Study, you can view these data by exporting your study results from the Studies tab of the Ocean Portal at any time, as many times as needed.
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