Set Up Online Messages: At A Glance

  1. Customize Your Ocean Online Message Template(s)
    • The Ocean Online Message editor will allow you create and save message templates, allowing you to have a collection of standard messages (with accompanying secure messages and/or forms) to send to patients.
    • You will want to create these standard message templates for more efficient and standard messaging.
  2. Set Up Ocean Online Message Senders with Ocean Accounts
    • Each person who will be sending messages will be required to have their own Ocean account (for better management and auditing purposes).
    • This is especially important if your messages are configured to alert the sender once the patient has viewed their forms and/or completed their forms.
  3. Link User EMR Accounts to their Ocean User Accounts
    • Each person who will be sending messages to patients via Ocean will need to link their EMR and Ocean user accounts.
    • This is especially important if users are subscribed for unlimited Ocean online licenses, to ensure that any message they send is covered under this license.
  4. Setting a Clinical Delegate for Online Message Alerts
    • You have the option of setting Ocean to alert you once a patient has viewed your secure message and/or completed a form that you've sent to them.
  5. Set the Email Patients Will Receive an Ocean Online Message From
    • By default, Ocean online messages will appear to be sent from "", which can be confusing for patients.
    • Rest assured, you can change this 'From' address to your clinic's name.
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