Set Up Kiosks: At A Glance

  1. Order Your Kiosk Hardware
    • You will be responsible for ordering your kiosk stand, tablet, and 3 peripheral items to be able to successfully complete set up of one check-in kiosk. You will also need to ensure that your EMR is integrated with Cloud Connect .
  2. Assemble Your Kiosk
    • Once your kiosk stand arrives, you will need to assemble it, according to the instructions diagram shipped with the kiosk (in the tablet holding area).
  3. Configure Your Tablet for the Ocean Kiosk
    • There are a few additional tablet settings that you will need to configure in order to optimize the tablet for check-in kiosk purposes.
  4. Install the LAVA Battery Modulation Software on Your Kiosk Tablet
    • The LAVA battery modulation software will prevent damage to your tablet from overcharging.
    • We highly recommend you follow the steps below for the long-term health of your kiosk tablet.
  5. Secure Your Tablets
    • Before "real world use" of your kiosk tablet, we strongly recommend that you review this guide to securing your tablets.
  6. Configure Your Kiosk Tablet Settings in the Ocean Portal
    • These settings will be configured from within the Ocean Portal that you may want to consider when optimizing Ocean's performance on your kiosk tablet.
  7. Connect the Wires in Your Kiosk
    • Once your kiosk is assembled and your tablet is configured, the final assembly step is to connect the wires (i.e. peripheral items) properly within your kiosk.
    • Ensure that you've connected all the wires correctly so that your card reader and tablet work properly within the kiosk.
  8. Set Up Ocean to Support Walk-In Patients (optional)
    • If your clinic accepts walk-in patients, you can also set up your kiosk to check-in walk-in patients who don't have a scheduled appointment. (This feature is currently only available for PS Suite users.)
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