Set Up Tablets: At A Glance

To set up your patient-facing Ocean Tablets, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Buy Your Tablet(s)
    • You are responsible for purchasing your tablets that will run Ocean (which also means that you will own these tablets once purchased).
  2. Connect Your Tablet(s) to the Internet
    • Ocean Tablets must be connected to the internet at all times, in order to be able to connect to Ocean (preferably via a reliable Wi-Fi connection).
  3. Configure Your Tablet(s) for Use in a Clinic Setting
    • Configuring these basic tablet settings will make your tablets more accessible for your patients, including lock screen, display, and keyboard settings.
  4. Install the Ocean Tablet App on Your Tablet(s)
    • This app is what enables Ocean on your tablets.
  5. Register Your Tablet(s) Through the Ocean Tablet App
    • Registering your tablet will link it to your own Ocean site.
    • To complete this step, you will need your Ocean username, Ocean password, and Ocean site shared encryption key.
  6. Disable the Google App on Your Tablet(s) (optional)
    • This optional, but highly recommended, step will prevent patients from easily being able to surf the internet on the tablet, discouraging misuse of the tablet.
  7. Install the OceanWave Launcher on Your Tablet(s) (optional)
    • This optional, but also highly recommended, step will further prevent misuse of the tablet by replacing the regular Android home screen with Ocean, trapping patients in the Ocean Tablet app.
  8. Configure Your Tablet Settings in the Ocean Portal
    • Configuration of these settings will allow you to customize various features of your tablet, including the unlocking method and automatic form triggering.
  9. Secure Your Tablets
    • Before "real world use", we strongly recommend that you review this guide to securing your tablets.
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