Importing eReferral Requests into Your EMR

Learn how to import notes from eReferral requisition forms from the eReferrals View of the Ocean Portal into the patient's chart in your EMR.

  • After you've accepted an eReferral, an "Import" window will appear.
PS Suite Oscar Accuro Other EMR
    • If you are a PS Suite user NOT on Cloud Connect, you will need to navigate into the patient's EMR chart. If the patient does not yet exist in the EMR, you will need to create a stub chart. Then, use the "Import" link on the Ocean toolbar in your EMR, which will allow you to import a patient's eReferral using the reference number provided.
    • The patient demographic fields will automatically update in the patient's chart when you import their eReferral data.

Note: If you're a PSS user, on Cloud Connect, Ocean will look for a patient with a matching health card number and automatically import the referral into their chart.

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