Confirm Your eReferral Site Settings

  1. Confirm your listing has been validated

    • Once your listing has been validated by CognisantMD, log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to your site's Admin tab.
  2. Start accepting eReferrals

    • Check off "Accept eReferrals" in the "Site Features" section.
  3. Confirm your contact information

    • Under the Directory Listings menu, in the "Contact Information" panel, this information can be updated and will be displayed on the Ocean Healthmap.
  4. Add your listed "Offers"

    • Offers allow Healthmap users to search for your location based on the services you provide. Your listing's offers are updated in the "Service Details" panel.
  5. Choose your "Referral Form"

  6. Set your "eReferral Policies"

    • Determine the number of days that your incoming eReferrals will be considered overdue after they are submitted.
    • Choose whether you would like to split incoming referrals with multiple services into separate referrals.

If your site falls under the System Coordinated Access program, there are several additional steps to configure your listing.

  1. Apply to Regional Authority

    • The System Coordinated Access program offers Ocean eReferral licenses to eligible sites in participating LHINs. You can apply for one in your region by clicking "Apply to Regional Authority" in the "Contact Information" panel and accepting the license agreement
  2. Add your central intake listing (if applicable)

    • Central intakes accept and triage eReferrals based on region and pathway. By adding a central intake to your listing in the "Service Details" panel, referrals sent to your site will be routed through the central intake.
  3. You may also accept direct referrals outside of central intakes (Optional)

    • Choose the offer you would like to accept direct referrals for and select your custom referral form within that listing.
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