Set Up Ocean Online Message Senders with Ocean Accounts

Each person who will be sending messages will be required to have their own Ocean account (for better management and auditing purposes).

This is especially important if your messages are configured to alert the sender once the patient has viewed their forms and/or completed their forms.

Ocean will allow an anonymous user to send a message from a patient's chart.

However, it is recommended that all users have their own Ocean user account. This will allow individual users to send secure messages and to enable alerts and track activity.

Any number of users can create an Ocean account, free of charge. Refer to "Adding a New User to your Site" to learn how to add users to your site.

If your users will be sending more than 60 online messages per month, we recommend that you sign them up for an unlimited Ocean online user subscription by following the instructions in: "Enabling Unlimited Ocean Online User or Site Subscriptions".

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