Create Your Default Template

In order to create customized templates, you need to first save a default template.

  1. Open the Patient Messages window from a "dummy" patient chart.

PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR
  • If you are a PS Suite user, you can open the online messaging window by clicking the "Email Patient" button on the Ocean custom form or toolbar.
  1. Create your default template.

    • When you open the Patient Messages window for the first time, a basic template is automatically displayed. Before creating additional templates, you need to first save a default template. You can do this by editing the subject header and email body to your liking, and selecting "Save as Default" from the dropdown menu that appears if you select "Templates" at the top right.
    • Once you've saved your default template, you can create additional templates, which can be saved and available for use via the dropdown menu. We have also created some commonly used Patient Messaging templates you can take advantage of, rather than starting from scratch.
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