Configure Your Tablet Settings in the Ocean Portal

Configuration of these settings will allow you to customize various features of your tablet, including the unlocking method and automatic form triggering.

Now that your tablet is set up and ready to go, you can customize the way it behaves from within the Tablets view of the Ocean Portal.

  1. Edit your Tablet group settings.

    • Click on the “Edit” button on the Default Settings tablet group to open the tablet configuration options window.
  2. Choose the correct Tablet Mode.

    • You have 3 tablet mode options to choose from:
    • Staff-initiated:
      A staff member enters a three-digit code in the tablet to unlock the correct forms for the patient. This mode is ideal for PS Suite and OSCAR users.
      Kiosk mode:
      Patients enter their health card number or swipe their health card to unlock their forms. This mode is ideal for Accuro users and kiosk tablets.
      Anonymous survey mode:
      A single-purpose setting that allows patients to launch an anonymous survey by clicking “Begin”. This mode is ideal for anonymous survey distribution via Patient Tablets.
  3. Set up your Tablet Rules.

    • If you would like to automatically display a reason for visit form when no forms are pre-selected for a patient, enter the Rules tab and click "Create Rule". Select the default "Reason for Visit" form (or any other reason for visit form that you want to use), and add the following rule under “Trigger”:

      ScriptUtil.queueSize() == 0
      Copy Rule
    • You can also add additional rules to automatically display forms, based on various patient characteristics (e.g. patient age, gender, last time they completed the form, etc.) using Tablet Rules in the “Rules” tab. Some other commonly used rules can be found in the article "Tablet Rules".
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