Install the OceanWave Launcher on Your Tablet(s)*

This optional, but also highly recommended, step will further prevent misuse of the tablet by replacing the regular Android home screen with Ocean, trapping patients in the Ocean Tablet app.

This step is an optional part of setting up tablets.

CognisantMD provides a free app that you can use to replace your Launcher (i.e. home screen) to help prevent misuse and simplify administration.

  • Tap the “cog” icon or Ocean logo at the bottom left of the main screen.
  • Enter your Ocean username and password to access the Ocean Tablet Administration Menu. Choose “Install Launcher” from this admin menu.
  • Tap the home button and you will be given a choice of 2 home screens. Select the OceanWaveLauncher "Always". Now, you will be redirected to the Ocean Launcher every time you try to click the home button.

If you want to return to the standard Android Launcher, you can uninstall the OceanWave Launcher from the same admin menu in the Ocean Tablet app (accessed via the cog or Ocean logo in the bottom left corner of the Ocean Tablet app).

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