Troubleshooting OceanConnect

Patients are missing from the Patients Tab of the Ocean Portal
  • Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Patients tab.
  • If patients are missing from today's schedule, try manually syncing by selecting "Synchronize Appointments" from the action menu at the bottom left of the Patients tab. (OceanConnect only polls the EMR every 30 minutes, so it might have not updated yet.)
  • If Synchronizing Appointments fails to upload the patient, proceed to the troubleshooting steps below.
Ocean notes are not automatically uploading into my EMR
  • Start by checking on your main OceanConnect tablet:

    • Ensure that your main OceanConnect tablet is on, charged, and connected to the internet, and free of any obvious errors or issues.
    • Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Tablets tab.
    • Click on the tablet that is "Connect Mode Enabled".
    • Check the date and time at which the tablet was "Last Seen". If the tablet was last seen more than 10 minutes ago, this may be why you your patients are not syncing with Ocean.
  • If the "Last Seen" time on your OceanConnect tablet is more than 10 minutes ago:

    • Confirm again that the OceanConnect tablet can connect to the Internet: load a public webpage in the tablet's browser.
    • Check the Ocean tablet app (not the OceanConnect app) for the 'gear' icon. It should display a green checkmark if connected successfully.
    • Upgrade your OceanConnect tablet by clicking the "Upgrade OceanConnect" button in the Tablets tab of the Ocean Portal. Try the above again after upgrading.
    • If the issue remains, choose View Log on the OceanConnect tablet's main screen. If you feel comfortable reading the (verbose) log format, see whether there has been any recent activity. Choose Send to CognisantMD to send us the logs.
    • If the issue remains unclear, submit a request to our support team at
An individual Ocean note is not uploading into my EMR
  • Check for the "Chart Out of Date" button:

    • If the patient's chart is open, check for a "Chart Out of Date" icon at the top right of the chart and click it if it is visible. If your notes still haven't downloaded automatically, re-open the chart manually to confirm that the note is missing.
  • If the note is still missing:

    • Open a test patient's chart and click on the Ocean logo on the Ocean Toolbar to open the Ocean custom form.
    • If a "Download" button is visible, click it to download the note.
  • If there is no "Download" button visible:

    • Click on the "Portal" link on the Ocean custom form or toolbar to view the patient in the Ocean Portal.
    • Check to see if the note is visible when you click on the patient in the Patients tab of the Ocean Portal.
  • If the patient's note is not visible in the Ocean Portal:

    • Click the "Advanced..." button and check whether you can choose "Restore Downloaded Ocean Notes" to bring the missing notes back.
    • If you were able to choose "Restore Ocean Downloaded Notes", go back to your EMR and try again downloading the note again by awaiting an automatic download in the patient's chart or by manually clicking the "Download" button on the Ocean toolbar, if necessary.
    • For more details, please refer to "My notes aren't appearing in my patient's chart. What do I do?".

If you require further support, please feel free to submit a request to our support team to our support team.

If our support team asks you to send us your OceanConnect logs for us to investigate further, you can easily do so by following the steps in: "Sending OceanConnect Logs to CognisantMD".

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