Understanding OceanConnect

What is OceanConnect?

In order to integrate fully with Ocean, some EMRs require a dedicated, WiFi-connected device running an Android application called OceanConnect. Your OceanConnect device plays a key role in ensuring that your patient data is kept secure and encrypted, while also enabling you to access powerful Ocean features right from your EMR. 

What are the hardware requirements for OceanConnect devices?

OceanConnect requires a tablet device running Android 5.0 or higher. There are no minimum screen size or storage requirements; in fact, a small, budget-friendly device is recommended. A good option is the Acer Iconia One (7") running Android 7.0.

Can I use one of my patient-facing Ocean Tablets as my OceanConnect device?

Since OceanConnect app plays a key role in connecting Ocean to your EMR, we recommend that you dedicated a tablet to this purpose only. As a dedicated tablet, it is easier to keep it connected and charged at all times; it is less likely to break (or be dropped); and it can be automatically kept on the most recent version using Google Play auto-updates. 

Are there any licence fees for my dedicated OceanConnect device?

No. Unlike patient-facing Ocean Tablets, tablets running OceanConnect in “dedicated” mode do not incur a monthly subscription fee.

What are the effects of activating OceanConnect?

OceanConnect enables Ocean to access your appointment schedule, opening the door to several great features, including automatic check-in when a patient swipes their health card on a kiosk, tablet rules based on reason for visit, Ocean Reminders, and more

Notes for PS Suite Users:

Unlike the traditional interface using the Ocean custom form, OceanConnect allows Ocean to download patients and upload notes. As a result:

  • There is no longer a need to open a patient's chart to use Ocean
  • There is no longer a need to maintain a Ocean custom form in the patient's chart
  • There is no longer a need to insert the Ocean custom form before patients check-in at the kiosk

Unlike with the Ocean custom form, if the chart is already open, PS Suite does not immediately display a progress note when the note downloads. However (much like the scenario when another user types a note for a patient in a different room), PS Suite will display a "Chart Out of Date" message at the top right of the chart, which you can click to refresh the chart and display the note:

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