Configuring Magtek Card Readers for Android 7

If you have ordered a kiosk and your tablet is running Android 7, our first generation of Magtek card readers may have trouble connecting to the tablet's newest operating system. This article will describe how to configure the Magtek card reader to be compatible with tablets that are running Android 7.

Note: In order to configure the card reader, you MUST complete the following steps on a Windows computer.

  • Download the configuration file (see attached .txt file).
  • Download and install Magtek's USBMSR program. When asked for the Setup type, select "No, don't install the source code".
  • To run the program, go to Program Files > Magtek > USBMSR and double click USBMSR.exe.
  • Connect the card reader to the computer via USB connection. Once the reader is connected, you will see "Detected Keyboard Mode Device" at the bottom of the window, and "Swipe card..." at the top.
  • Click "Load File" and select the "android_7_config.txt" file. The contents of the file will show in the text box at the bottom.
  • Click "Download". The text will disappear after a couple of seconds.
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