Accuro: Add User-Friendly Buttons to CDS Links*

Once you've set up your CDS links, you can create shortcut buttons on your home screen to easily access your CDS links with one simple click.

This step is an optional part of setting up the integration between QHR Accuro and Ocean.


You MUST have your CDS links preconfigured before you can set up these shortcut buttons. To learn how to set up and configure your CDS links, please refer to the article Configure the CDS Menu for Quick Access to Ocean.

Watch Video Tutorial Below

  • From the Start menu (accessed through the Accuro target logo), type in "user" to access the User Preferences Window.
  • In User Preferences, click on Display (on the left) and select Configure Actions (the far right tab).
  • Click on the green plus (+) sign from the "Selections" window to add a Custom Action. From the "Select a Custom Action" dropdown, select “Custom CDS Action”.
  • From the Custom Action window, click on “Change” to select a custom icon (see above screenshot). To select an icon, search by keyword and double-click the preferred icon (we use “water_element”, “read_message”, “message_group”). To change the colour, click on the small black box to open a colour picker.
  • Select your preferred “Dock Action Bar” option (we chose "Bottom - Large with Name").

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