Set Up eReferral Email Site Notifications (for Receivers)

Configure which email addresses receive email notifications for new or updated eReferrals and/or eRequests.

This article describes locations where you can configure your email addresses for eReferral notifications when receiving eReferrals. To learn more about the rules/logic that Ocean uses to determine which email address to send the eReferral notifications to, please refer to "Where do eReferral notification emails get sent to?".

  • Site-Wide Emails: Site Account

    • Several email address can be configured in the "Site Account" section within the Admin tab of the Ocean Portal. These will be the email addresses of eReferral recipients not associated with a specific Ocean user, that get notified about a set if referrals, a patient eRequest, or a site-wide notification.
    • You can access this section by signing in to the Ocean Portal, navigating to the Admin tab, and selecting "Site Account" from the menu on the left.
    • From there, you can set which email address receives various site-wide Ocean notifications.
    • Clinical Administrator Email
      This email address will receive any miscellaneous Ocean system messages, including pending eReferral requests, study export alerts, Ocean reminder-related messages, etc.
      Referral Notification Email
      This email address will get notified of new eRequests (including submissions to an eRequest link, as well as new eReferral requests), as well as status changes to received requests.
    • Again, ensure that you save your changes before leaving this page.
  • eReferral Notifications: Site Features

    • If you would like to disable automatic notifications to patients, you can do so by going into the Admin tab of the Ocean Portal, within the "Site Features" section (selected from the menu on the left) and unchecking the "Patient eReferral Email Notifications" checkbox.
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