Creating a PDF Attachment to Add to a Secure Message

PS Suite Accuro OSCAR or Other EMR

Ocean makes it easy to select and 'green bar' notes in a patient chart in PS Suite to be exported as a PDF file on the desktop. The file can then be uploaded to an Ocean Online secure message or eReferral.

  • Find the note(s) in the file that you want to generate as a PDF attachment.
  • Check the box next to the note to enable the "green bar".
  • Click on "Attach" link on the Ocean toolbar or the paperclip attachment icon on the Ocean custom form (next to “Email Patient”).
  • This will generate a temporary PDF file on your computer's desktop (the file will be removed after 5 minutes and/or when you exit PSS).
  • Once the PDF has been generated, it can now be opened, printed, and/or attached to a secure Ocean message.
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