Accuro: When Patients Aren't Appearing in the Ocean Portal

    • If you find that your patients are not appearing in the Patients tab within the Ocean Portal, try manually syncing by selecting "Synchronize Appointments" from the action menu at the bottom left, in the Patients tab in the Ocean portal. OceanConnect will poll Accuro every 30 minutes, so it might have not updated yet.
  • If that doesn't work, it may be useful to check on your main OceanConnect tablet:

    • Ensure that your main OceanConnect tablet is on, charged, and connected to Wi-Fi.
    • Log in to the Ocean Portal and Navigate to the Tablets tab.
    • Click on the tablet that is "Connect Mode Enabled" and check the date and time at which the tablet was "Last Seen".
    • If the tablet was last seen more than an hour ago, this may be why you your patients are not syncing with Ocean. If this is the case, you may need to upgrade your OceanConnect tablet by simply clicking the "Upgrade OceanConnect" button.
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