There are three authentication mechanisms in Ocean:

CognisantMD User

A CognisantMD user can log into a site to manage configuration, export study results, etc. A CognisantMD user may belong to multiple sites and multiple sites may be associated with an individual user.

The credentials are private to a user; passwords are salted and one-way-hashed using SHA-256. In layman’s terms, there is no feasible way for anyone else to read or reverse-engineer a user’s password.

Ocean Wave Tablet Token

Ocean Wave tablets have their own unique authentication with limited security access, independent of specific users. Tablets are initially registered for a specific clinical site by a designated CognisantMD user. The registration is stored using a randomly generated token key secure to the tablet application.

Site EMR System

The EMR authenticates with Ocean using a site number and site password. The site password is manually configured in the EMR and in the Ocean site by a CognisantMD user.

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